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Daguerreotype – new beginning

‘Daguerreotype. Studies in the history and theory of photography’ [‘Dagerotyp. Studia z historii i teorii fotografii’] is a continuation of the magazine ‘Dagerotyp’, issued in the years 1993–2015, initially by the Association of Historians of Photography [Stowarzyszenie Historyków Fotografii], and from 2000 jointly with the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences [Instytut Sztuki Polskiej Akademii Nauk]. The magazine will maintain its scientific character but, apart from issues connected with the history of photography, it will also devote attention to the theory of photography, its technical, artistic and sociological aspects, its functioning, migration, various forms of materiality and, perhaps most importantly, it will dedicate space to the images themselves and their relation to text, memory and history.

In line with the present, extended concept, the magazine aims to explore, within the broadest possible spectrum, how photographic images have affected and continue to affect the man and the society, the way of perceiving the world, its history and current affairs. Therefore, we are interested in both, photographic collections and archives, as well as the way photography functions in books and in the press, in private and public areas, including politics, but also in its presence in art, both – as a form of independent artistic expression and as a tool which makes it possible to achieve full artistic expression for artists of all disciplines.

‘Daguerreotype. Studies in the history and theory of photography’ will consist of articles grouped into four main sections: Studia / Studies – a thematic dossier, Kolekcje / Collections – which will contain articles relating to photographic collections and archives, as well as the activities of institutions concerned with the history of photography, Głosy / Voices – designated for articles not connected with the main topic of the particular issue and for translations of important texts on the history and theory of photography, and the Recenzje / Reviews section for reviews of exhibitions and publications. Information on research programmes, activities of institutions, festivals and other photographic events will be included in the Varia section. Articles in the Studies and Collections sections, constituting over 50% of the volume of the magazine, will be peer-reviewed.

We would like the revamped ‘Daguerreotype’ to be an interdisciplinary magazine, which, in our opinion, corresponds to the cross-border and transgressive nature of photography itself. Our intention is to publish themed issues on an open ‘Call for Papers’ basis. We plan to invite authors and researchers from Poland and abroad as co-authors as well as editors. In the future, the entire magazine will be published in two language versions: Polish and English.

After many years of fruitful cooperation with the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Association has found new partners ready to continue the tradition of ‘Dagerotyp’ – the Polish Institute of World Art Studies and the Museum of  Photography in Cracow. The editorial board has also changed, and comprises, first and foremost, representatives of the institutions which co-publish the magazine. The new editor-in-chief of the magazine, Maria Małgorzata Grąbczewska, has taken over that role from dr hab. Wanda Mossakowska, who had operated in that capacity from the very beginning of ‘Dagerotyp’. The functions of the deputy editor-in-chief and responsible editor have been given to the Weronika Kobylińska-Bunsch. Barbara Kosińska-Filocha, the vice-president of the Association of Historians of Photography, has become the secretary of the editorial board. Other members of the editorial staff include: dr Magdalena Furmanik-Kowalska (Polish Institute of World Art Studies) and Marek Janczyk (The Museum of Photography in Cracow).

The Academic Council of the magazine, chaired by professor Jerzy Malinowski (Polish Institute of World Art Studies – president, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń), comprises: professor Anna Markowska (Polish Institute of World Art Studies and the University of Wrocław), dr Anna Seweryn (National Archives in Kraków), dr hab. Wanda Mossakowska (Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences – professor emeritus), Nuno A. Pinheiro (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa). The secretary of the Council is dr Magdalena Furmanik-Kowalska.

Journal „Daguerreotype. Studies in the History and Theory of Photography” is being published by The Historians’ of Photography AssociationPolish Institute of World Art Studies, and Museum of Photography in Cracow.

Contact: dagerotyp@shf.org.pl

Editorial Board’s Address
„Dagerotyp” / „Daguerreotype”
The Historians’ of Photography Association
Długa 26/28 Street
00-950 Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland (Polska)

Archival issues of our journal (until the no. 23/2014) are avaialable online on the platform called Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL).